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Nights Templar.

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Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar emerged as a monastic military order formed at the end of the First Crusade. Their mandate was to protect Christian pilgrims on route to the Holy Land. It was the first time that a group of secular knights banded together and taken the monastic vows being the first of the Warrior Monks.

The Knights Templar fought along side Richard the Lion Hearted (King Richard I) and other Crusaders in battles for the Holy Lands.

From their beginnings of poverty, when the order depended on alms from the traveling pilgrims, the Order would have the backing of the Holy See and the collective European monarchies.

It took them two centuries to become powerful enough to defy all but the Papal throne. They were feared as warriors, respected for their charity and sought out for their wealth.

They became very wealthy and surplus of materials. The Knights Templar essentially invented banking as we know it. They changed the concept in which loans were paid, and were able to finance even kings.

They are among the most knowledgeable men and use knowledge as a wheel to move mountains. They know the answers to the questions all humans have: Who am I? and, What are we doing in this world?

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